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As the first year Tumaini- Iringa University (now called University Of Iringa); I met one guy who had been the first step in after completin...

As the first year Tumaini- Iringa University (now called University Of Iringa); I met one guy who had been the first step in after completing his first degree in one of the neighboring universities there for Museveni.
This guy came to me saying very strange, he said, "Why are you going to read the book? (Meaning Hope). Who will mind your UDSM (Referring to the University of Dar es Salaam, known as Mount), in Hope log toilet female, will be too late employed ". Nikamwangalia Hey, (I pity and despise internally) and then I shouted; "Brother, intellectuals are those across important; they may have read in UDSM or college anything and may not have been to !. picture ourselves becoming you mind kufaulia exams and then you do not have money to sense (or at least enough) that are idiots."
Still wondering surprised I have spoken, I muongezea; "First they struggle with CV and colleges are those who want to attract intelligent (employers) to wawaelekeze to do (ie recruit). A person with a vision of self-employment is not disturbed by CV college but he looked knowledge to help and basically can not even go to school but went about knowledge even local only ". He asked me, "What do you mean?"
I answered his question: - "Brother has been studying at the Major but you still have a sense of colonial zinazowaza be no meaningful life until the total employed. Reading is a good thing to be employed is not a bad thing, but do not recite be no life without employment, and do not think all is efika university is thinking employed only ". One brother was Paniki help anizabe buffet, I decided to leave the" fixed "and I really very confused and annoying her. You know what? Let me give you three points fixed fixed: -
1. Nowadays success in life is not contained in the CV of college you have read and will never become rich (or at least have the money means) depending on salary alone. "If the past seven years, I know the economic situation and the life of the brother, but if he has not changed the "mentality" I'm sure he will "is only mbangaizaji" economic and life in general despite that owns the certificate degrees from a foreign land!
2. This is a problem exists among many of our intellectuals, the space combines the knowledge and certification. To them, owning a certificate from a college level, it is more important than the quality of the knowledge he had on his head. Young people should realize that the structure of the labor market has changed considerably, the labor market in line with muhitimu able to win the title of school or college he read muhitimu.
3. I have been told the scholars that, "Once you've worked hard to learn" profeshino "yours; it is teaching, doctorate, lawyer, engineer, etc; then you should not forget to also learn how to search across. Get across common in wages will just gotten; for; So "profeshino", but to "case" of having enough money you'll need to learn the curriculum other than the "profeshino". Because "profeshino" without having enough money is a burden "#SmartMind

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